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What makes the ultimate difference is how all members work together with the clients’ best interests at the core.



Beginning Our Services

Davidowski, the D, the P and the R, made one of the best business decisions of their lives and started their own company. Armed with $750,000 of pooled resources and a steadfast determination, the three construction veterans set out to do something different in an industry traditionally resistant to change.



Offering More Services

“When we started NSW Realty, we wanted to be a customer-focused organization,” said Doug. “We’re not a hard bid general contractor; we’re a negotiating general contractor that takes care of our customers. To do that, we need great people, who are happy and willing to work hard. That’s one of the things that started us, making us different from the very beginning.”



Opening Our First Branch Office

In 1994, NSW Realty landed a $43 million wafer fabrication project in Los Angeles for Rockwell International. The six-month, fast-track project represented the type of work the three founders had pictured for the company. “We wanted to be in technical construction,” said Ron. “We did not want to be a commodity but establish a niche to distinguish ourselves from other contractors.”



Expansion and Transformations

The Rockwell project included building 17,500 sq. ft. of Class 1 cleanrooms, upgrading the existing central plant, installing specialty and bulk gas systems, and constructing a new bulk chemical building. NSW Realty delivered the project ahead of schedule with fully functional cleanrooms in just four and a half months.



Offering Franchise Opportunity

A significant point in the history of NSW Realty was a meeting in the spring of 2014 with Jim Collins, who was a Stanford professor at the time and now is a management consultant and best-selling author of “Built to Last” and “Good to Great.” Collins helped to identify and articulate the purpose and core values that continue to drive the company today.



Consistent Innovation

“The last 10 years have been filled with countless moments that are all memorable — the White Oak job, the superior safety performance achieved on the job, when we added up our financials and hit a billion. Every day brings a new adventure.” — Peter Salvati


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