Best Time of Year to Sell Your Property

Question assumptions

Conventional wisdom suggests that the best time to sell a house is always “in the Spring.” But is that true? On a closer inspection of the local real estate transaction data, the best time to sell a house can change drastically from market to market and from year to year.
Stay on top of trends
Over the last 5 years, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive dataset on real estate transactions nationwide.
Each month, we add new information to our database to better match homeowners with the top real estate agents in their areas. This same data can be used to see the best time to put your house on the market.
Crunch the numbers
Real estate is a local business, so nationwide trends won’t always apply where you live. We apply rigorous analysis to housing transactions in every city and for each month to drill down to the local level and estimate the best time to sell a house in your neighborhood.
NSW Real Estate
We Found the Best Time to Sell a House and It’s Not When You Think 

Every year, we select a variety of cities all across the United States and analyze the housing market data to see exactly how the best time to sell a house changes over time. See the results of our study and play around with our real estate data to see your own home’s best time to sell.

The best time to sell your home changes depending on where you live

National housing market data can only give you a general rule of thumb. If you want a more accurate estimate for the best month to sell your home, you need to look at the real estate transaction data in your neighborhood.
Look at the data for some of America’s most popular cities and see how the best time to sell a house changes from market to market. Then search for your home town to see when the best time to sell YOUR house is.

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